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AVX Corp

AVX Corp
Array Network Capacitors
Array Network Resistor
Backplane Connector Accessories
Backplane Connector Housing
Backplane Connectors
Backplane Contacts
Buzzer Elements & Peizo Benders
Capacitor Arrays
Capacitor Assortments
Capacitor Kits
Ceramic Capacitors
Crystals & Oscillators Assortments
D-Shaped Centronics Connectors
DIN 41612 Backplane Connectors
Direct Wire Board Rectangular Connector
Discrete Semiconductors
Edge Type Board Rectangular Connector Arrays
Edgeboard Card Connectors
EDLC & Supercapacitors
EMI/RFI Filters
ESD Protection
Feed Through Capacitors
Film Capacitors
Filter Kits
Fixed Inductors
General Accessories
General Capacitors
General Oscillators
Inductor Kits
Insertion & Extraction
Memory Connector Inline Module Sockets
Memory Connectors/PC Cards/Adapters
Niobium Oxide Capacitors
Other Mount Resistors
Others ICs
Panel Mount Free Hanging Rectangular Connectors
Pluggable Connector Accessories
Pluggable Connectors
Polymer & Hybrid Capacitors
Rectangular Cable Assemblies
Rectangular Connector Accessories
Rectangular Connector Contacts
Rectangular Connector Housings
Rectangular Connectors - Spring Loaded
Regtangular Female Receptacle
Regtangular Male Receptacle
RF Capacitors
RF Coaxial Connectors
RF Diplexers
RF Directional Coupler
RF Filters
RF Power Dividers/Splitters
RF Resistors
Screw & Nut Drivers
SMD Chip Resistors
Specialized Tools
Spring Loaded & Pressure Contacts
SSL - Cables
SSL - Connector Contacts
SSL - Connectors
SSL Connector Accessories
Standard Oscillators
Supercap/Ultracap/Double Layer
Tantalum Capacitors
Tantalum Polymer Capacitors
Thin Film Capacitors
Through Hole Resistors
Transient Voltage Suppression Varistors
TVS Diodes
TVS Mixed Technology
Uncategorized Fuse Blocks and Holders
Uncategorized Kits
Variable & Trimmer Capacitors
Wire-To-Board Terminal Blocks
Zener Single Diodes
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